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Why Choose Us for your Indoor Air Quality
With Florida Air Service & Engineering providing you with indoor air quality services, you can rest assured that you will receive up-front estimates and quality service at competitive prices.

We are expert, Florida State licensed air conditioning and heating contractors, and we've been serving the HVAC and indoor air quality needs of hundreds of customers just like you since 2002. Our indoor air quality technicians are fully trained and experienced to handle any HVAC needs you may have, from heating and air conditioning maintenance to the installation of whole house air cleaners and HEPA air filters. You can count on Quality Cooling and Heating to help you find the right solution to improve your home's indoor air quality. Just give us a call, and we'll help you out!

During the summer and winters, you probably close all of your windows and doors in order to keep the heat or the cold out. This can help reduce energy waste but it can cause indoor air contaminants to linger and thrive. Air filters and air purifiers are normally installed in the ductwork of your home so that all of the air that comes in through the heating and AC system passes through them. This allows them to remove or destroy many of the contaminants.

Some of the contaminants in your home’s air are so small that they can get through the air filters or air purifiers. That’s where UV germicidal lights come in. Ultraviolet light is extremely damaging to microorganisms like viruses, bacteria and mold spores. These kinds of air pollutants are often so small that they can’t be trapped in an air filtration system. But when they come in contact with UV light, their ability to reproduce is destroyed.

The EPA has determined:

• 50% of all illnesses are caused / aggravated by polluted indoor air

•Chemical gases that emanate from carpeting, adhesives, paint, furnishings, and household cleaners account for 31% of the contaminants in the air Based upon the above facts, indoor air quality is of paramount importance.

That's why we not only provide indoor air quality testing, but also have air quality experts who will recommend the right air cleaner or air purfication system for your home.

Go ahead – take a deep breath!

Symptoms of poor indoor air quality in your home

• Bloody nose

•Blurred vision


•Allergies and asthma

•Headache / low grade fever

•Itchy, burning, watery eyes


•Sleep apnea

•Spread of flu, colds and other diseases