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At what temperature should I keep my thermostat set?

We recommend 78 degrees on cooling. Some people are not comfortable at this setting and require it cooler. But you need to

remember that for each degree below 78 degrees you will increase the energy cost for air conditioning approximately 8%.

Should I keep my fan running?
Normally no, but there are exceptions such as some business applications, etc. In home, this practice can increase humidity usually causing higher electric bills.
Should I turn off my air conditioning during the day if I am not at home?
No, raise the setting on the thermostat a few degrees. Up to 82 to 83 degrees will use less energy and still allow for the A/C system to recover when you lower the thermostat to your desired comfort level when you get home in the evening.
When I go away for the summer what should I set my thermostat at?
84 degrees or 80 within 1 mile of the coast, but it is even better to have a dehumidistat installed. This will insure proper humidity removal each day, while keeping operating costs to pennies per day. (Dehumidistat Cost: $148.00, including FREE Maintenance Service)
What should I set my humidistat at when leaving?
60% to 65% relative humidity.  The thermostat needs to be set to cool and the temperature to 78 degrees.  Note: This could vary depending on heat load factors, size of home and humidistat wired in series.
How often should I have my air conditioning checked?
Twice a year. You should consider a Service Agreement whereby we will automatically perform the maintenance service for you. The benefits of a service agreement more than pay for the $149.00 investment, you get semi-annual maintenance, 15% of all emergency services, and become a preferred customer.  If interested, please contact Florida Air Service & Engineering.
Can I close up vents in rooms I am not using? Does it save money?
It is not a good idea to close vents in your home. The savings are insignificant and the reduction in air flow can reduce your system's cooling capacity and even cause damage to your compressor.
How often should the filter be changed?
When it is dirty. It should be checked monthly.  We recommend using the receipt of your power bill as a reminder.
How long should each "off" and "on" cycle be?
There is no simple answer to this question.  It varies with the home, the temperature and the time of day.  Three to seven cycles per hour are acceptable.
How long should it take to cool a hot house down to 80 degrees?
This depends on how hot it is outside and how long the unit has been off. Expect at least 2-3 hours and probably overnight.
How long should an air conditioning unit last?
This depends on how much it is used, how well it is maintained, and the environment. Normally you could reasonably expect a unit to last 8 to 10 years or more according to most manufacturers. Coastal homes could be a little less.
How often should I have to add gas?
Never, refrigerant does not dissipate. Loss is only through a refrigerant leak somewhere in the refrigerant system. Today refrigerants are becoming very expensive, if you have a leak you should have it repaired. As of July 1, 1992 it is a Federal offense to vent refrigerant into the atmosphere.
Should I turn my air conditioning off during an electrical storm?
Yes, even though they are internally protected, it is a good idea. You can have additional protection by installing surge protection or a time delay. These are both services we offer.
What is meant by "high-efficiency air conditioning"?
Equipment that delivers more BTU's of cooling relative to the electrical wattage consumed by that of standard or low efficiency equipment. This is measured by S.E.E.R. (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), the higher the S.E.E.R. number the more efficient.