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20 Points Checklist & Benefits

1. Check the operating pressure system operates at top efficiency
2. Electronically check for Freon leaks protects compressor from failure
3. Check voltage and amps operation at optimum performance
4. Lubricate all parts extending life of parts
5. Check blower operation optimum air flow
6. Check wiring may prevent premature failure
7. Check heat transfer optimum cooling temperature
8. Check thermostat operations maintain comfort level
9. Check lock-out circuits insures safe operation
10. Motor inspected, increases efficiency
11. Inspect duct work eliminates inefficiency from ducts
12. Check outside disconnects required by code
13. Check air filter insures indoor air quality
14. Check safety controls insures safe operations
15. Clean condensate drain line helps drainage from line
16. Compressor coil cleaned maximizes efficiency
17. Visually inspect evaporator coil insures air flow, extends life of motor
18. Clean and adjust blower increase system efficiency
19. Check starting contact switch helps insure proper start-up
​20. Check temperature drop at evaporator to insure proper air flow

Preventive Maintenance Agreementment

What is a maintenance agreement?
A simple arrangement between you and Florida Air Service & Engineering to perform scheduled preventive service on a regular basis. We are responsible for keeping track of required preventive service, contacting you for scheduling when needed and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter in Jacksonville.

What work needs to be done?
Controls cleaned and adjusted, safety devices checked, lubricant filter, air filter, separator element and lubricant need to be changed and heat exchanger require cleaning.

Why choose Florida Air Service & Engineering?
We have built our business satisfying customers Heating & Cooling needs in Jacksonville and surrounding areas, it's our specialty. Safety trained experienced personnel have a large inventory of replacement parts available for all major
brands. A documented
service history is kept on
each piece of equipment.
Preventive maintenance
is scheduled and controlled
by our great Service ​Certified Team.

When is preventive maintenance needed?
Any Heating & Cooling system requires regular service. This can be as often as quarterly, or as infrequently as once a year. Frequency of service is dictated by inlet air quality, ambient temperature, equipment age, type of lubricant used and operating hours. We analyze your site conditions and meet with you to discuss a program tailor made for your specific needs.